Our Blog Has Migrated!

Hi everyone

First we would just like to say a huge thank you to all our loyal supporters, we really do appreciate your following our blog! So we are hoping you will follow us on over to our new site. Exact same blog, same exciting posts, quirky comments and beautiful photographs, it will just be hosted on our website rather than on WordPress.

The new URL is: http://www.flatartstudios.com/Flat_Art_Studios/Blog/

For those who are current subscribers there is a subscribe button available on the new blog (right column beneath the Facebook tab) where you can sign up to receive the latest posts via a method of your choice.

This blog will cease to exist in a few days time so we hope to see you at our new site!


The Flat Art Team

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Take The Fast Route To Slow Food

In a world where the serving of our food matches the tempo of our fast-paced lives it’s easy to get caught up in the quickened beat and blur the lines between convenience and old-fashioned nutrition. This new harmful phenomena has sparked worldwide revolt and this week Flat Art Studios investigates the largest competitor in the fast food market – the Slow Food Movement. 

Slow Food is the freshest idea around. Photo: Michael Le Grange

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An Office On The Beach

3 November dawned bright and clear with an early Summer tinge to the air; photographer Donna and her assistant Willem would know as they were up earlier than the sun was. The daybreak brought with it the sweet promise of a beautiful day and what better way to spend it than in the office. Their office on the beach that is, with award-winning food editor Vickie de Beer shooting “Dis Lekker By Die See” for the January issue of Rooirose.

Pierre and Pierre Jnr model for Rooirose "Dis Lekker by Die See" Photo: Donna Lewis

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Turning Heads

Welcome to 2012! We hope you’re as excited as we are to get the year off to a start with fresh minds and rejuvenated souls. The Flat Art Studios team is ready to click our way into the new year but before we begin, here’s a quick flashback to 2011. Our festive greetings card with its retro barbershop theme proved to be quite a success. This is our story of the team’s transformation into chic city slickers from a bygone era.

Our custom-made newspaper

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Festive Greetings

Festive Greetings from the Flat Art Team!

Twenty eleven has been a roaring success

As we strive to serve only the best

A cutting edge year with two new extensions

And too many great memories to even mention

But the time for parting ways is upon us now

To close shop for the festive season, take a final bow

Be safe, be merry as we head into

A year of fresh ideas and everything anew

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Topless In Cape Town

Friday dawned bright and sunny, perfect conditions for a whole day off work. Touring Cape Town on the Topless Red Bus Tour, sucking lollipops while accosting others to take our photograph and cracking up, as only South Africans can, at the often cheesy audio commentary – it was a day otherwise known as the Flat Art Studios end of year party.

That octopus didn't see it coming

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Keep Clicking

It’s been a long year and with holidays approaching the mind tends to wander to delightfully distant destinations far from the office and responsibility. But featured photographer, Lee Malan, reminds us why this can be the best time of the year to pick up your camera, revel in refreshed creativity and get snapping! 

Lee Malan

It’s holiday time! Time to kick off your shoes and relax! Right? Well not necessarily. Rather than gluing yourself to the couch, this is the perfect time to repack your camera bag and glue it to your back instead. Your camera and you must reach a point where you are both so connected and in tune that you can’t imagine ever being apart from each other again…

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