Studio Ruffled with Reuben’s Arrival

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Verve Marketing Art Director Tracey Nuss and Chef Reuben Riffel prepare for a shot. Photo: Willem Lourens

Last week Chef Reuben Riffel and the Verve Marketing team descended for a full day shoot promoting Robertsons Spice. Here is how it went down:

Chef whites are clamped at the back to minimize creases, a frying pan hanging on the wall is quickly changed position. A make up artist sits in the corner armed with brush and multitude of tones and hues ready to be used. A roll of carton towel lies on its side, the words “chill” “calm” “relax” are printed in soft pink and blue – the atmosphere in the studio is anything but…

Reuben is dressed for the next shot. Photo: Willem Lourens

The studio was alive and bustling on Wednesday with arrival of the Verve Marketing team and distinguished South African chef Reuben Riffel. Owner of a chain of three restaurants known as “Reuben’s” the latest of which opened last year in the prestigious One and Only Hotel, Reuben is making a name for himself both locally and internationally as an accomplished chef and businessman.

Capitalizing on this success, Robertsons Spice selected Reuben along with fellow South African chef, Cass Abrahams, as the brand ambassadors for their new Robertsons Paste range launched earlier this year.

Willem Lourens assists during the shoot. Photo: Michael le Grange

Flat Art Studios photographer, Michael le Grange and assistant Willem Lourens arrived early at the studio on Wednesday to set up for the shoot. Our usual neat and practical studio was transformed into a modern/country style kitchen; stainless steel melding with wicker baskets and bowls of lemons. Food stylist and writer Vickie de Beer explains, “Our brief was to create a modern kitchen but this changed half way through and we created a country kitchen instead!”

Nonetheless it matched Reuben’s demeanor perfectly: serious and professional with an ever present undercurrent of warmth and friendliness. “I’ve photographed Reuben before,” exclaims Michael, “and he’s very composed in front of the camera. All in all it was a long day but it went very well”.

Look out for the photographs in upcoming magazine issues and Robertsons booklets!

Photographer Michael le Grange and Art Director Tracey Nuss happy with the success of the shoot. Photo: Willem Lourens


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4 Responses to Studio Ruffled with Reuben’s Arrival

  1. Danie Nel says:

    Reuben is a super-guy to shoot with.

  2. Tracey says:

    Not to mention a shot list of more than 60 shots to land in one day!!! I think Reuben had aching cheeks for a week afterwards. The shoot was a blast and the pics have been working very hard since then 🙂 Well done to all – look forward to working with you all again in December. Cool blog – looking forward to seeing more posts

  3. It was quite a manic day but it really turned out well! Thanks to a great team of course 🙂 Glad you enjoy the blog, thank you for the support and see you again soon!

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