500 New Employees Acquired

Flat Art Studios acquired 500 new hardworking employees on Tuesday – earthworms – to eat through our food waste and tunnel the way for us into the green era.

Our new highly dedicated and hardworking employees. Photo: Willem Lourens

The majority of our shoots are food shoots shot in our two studios and the leftovers which don’t end up in our stomachs, or those of the local needy and orphanages, find their way into our bins. Rather than throwing away mounds of unwanted food, we’ve found a way to put back in the environment what we have taken out. Our answer was to set up two innovative forms of organic waste decomposers – a worm farm and the Bokashi powder system.

The Bokashi system and our worm farm. Photo: Willem Lourens

The worm farm is a three tiered stack of meat trays with holes punched into the inner two bottoms and a tap attached to the bottom tray. The worms are placed in the middle tray and are fed only vegetables (minus garlic and chillies), herbs, fruit (minus citrus) and bread matter. They then happily gorge themselves until the food is decomposed and turned into a very fertile liquid substance known in our studio as “worm tea”, or, as a food stylist’s mother recently described it – “brandy for plants”. This leaks to the bottom tray and can be extracted through the tap. Apparently it is a highly sort afer product and possibly quite a lucrative business to be in.

In each studio as well as in the staff kitchen there are two foodwaste. Photo: Willem Lourens buckets - one for the worm farm and one for the Bokashi system

The Bokashi powder system is used to decompose the other food matter – meat, onions, chillies, garlic and citrus. These foodstuffs are placed in a bucket and the powder is simply sprinkled on and left to do its work.

We have also begun a paper recycling system and encourage you all to do what you can to help our fast depleting environment.

Flat Art Studios and its 500 new employees would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Easter!



About Flat Art Studios

We are a tight-knit group of photographers specializing in food photography in the Cape Town area.
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