Not The Place For Holey Socks

The clear blue skies and matching crystal waters of April 4th beckoned as photographer Michael Le Grange and his assistant Willem Lourens stepped out of the studio and onto the deck of a brand new day sail catamaran – the Mirage 720. No, unlike its many passengers to be, they were not setting off for a luxurious day trip of island hopping and snorkeling, they, were setting off to work.

The Mirage 720 moored outside the Cape Grace Hotel. Photo: Willem Lourens

In 2008 I was contacted by Matrix Yachts – a family run company specializing specifically in the building of Catamarans – to photograph their newly built and biggest yacht, the Silhouette 760.

The interior entertainment area of the yacht. Photo: Michael le Grange

Earlier this year they then asked me to photograph the interior of their smaller but faster yacht, the Mirage 720. With a capacity of 120 passengers, it is equipped for day trips around places such as the Seychelles where it is contracted by local resorts to take guests out.

Michael takes his shoes off and gets down to work. Photo: Willem Lourens

Fortunately I had warned Willem before the shoot not to wear holey socks because we had to take our shoes off before climbing aboard. This was definitely not the place for holey socks.

Willem surveys the confined engine room. Photo: Michael le Grange

We enjoyed our afternoon as it is always interesting photographing different things and rising to the challenges this brings. The yacht was difficult at times to photograph because of the narrow passages and confined spaces. A sturdy travel tripod and wide angle lens came in handy in these situations. We stayed until the sun had gone down to get the night-time ambience shots of the interior of the yacht.

Photo: Willem Lourens

Unfortunately bad weather a few days later meant the helicopter aerial shots had to be cancelled. I was disappointed, but spending an afternoon on a pristine new Catamaran had more than made up for it.


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We are a tight-knit group of photographers specializing in food photography in the Cape Town area.
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