For Kids Only

Today, Woolworths Taste Magazine June issue is fresh off the press laden with Woolies seasonal produce and winter warmer recipes. Between the glossy pics of picturesque food and texts bursting with flavour, is a story, “If Only”, by zesty and vivacious food editor, Abigail Donnely who was fortunate to have been given a complimentary night’s stay for her and her family in the prestigious Cape Town One&Only Hotel. Abby describes the perks of the hotel through a child’s eyes with the help of our photographer, Michael Le Grange, who was there to snap the pics and spend the day feeling like a kid again.


Jack and Matthew having fun in the infinity pool

Laughter and shrill screams of excitement were barely heard over the loud splashing of water as Abby’s two sons Jack and Matthew played around in Africa’s largest infinity pool. Posed with camera in hand I waited at the rim for the opportunity to take the best shot. It’s difficult to photograph children, their moods swing up and down and they’re easily distracted, especially in a place as entertaining and fascinating as The One&Only Hotel. Unlike a plate of food, it’s not always easy to get them to do what you want them to do!

The boys bake cookies in the KidsOnly Zone. Photo: Michael le Grange

We spent the day photographing the different child orientated features of the hotel from the pool to the kids menu to the specifically designed “KidsOnly zone”. Equipped with Wii, Xbox and Playstation and also offering supervised baking and cooking classes, not to mention milkshake on tap, the KidsOnly zone is ideal for the younger generation. Here the boys needed no encouragement to get their hands dirty and go to play as I went to work photographing them.

It was a tiring day matching Jack’s and Matthew’s endless energy supply but us adults had our fun too. Abby and husband Terry as well as Taste editor, Sumien Brink, were on scene to witness the antics and delight in the photos. Terry was a great help when it came to coaxing the boys into behaving for the camera and if that failed there were plenty of scrumptious cookies at hand to bribe with!

Abigail, Michael and Terry - tears of laughter as they view the photos. Photo: Willem Lourens

Get your sticky fingers on this month’s Taste and also have a look at Michael’s photographs of celebrated chef Luke Dale Roberts.

Jack gets his hair done. Photo: Willem Lourens

Matthew gets his hair done too. Photo: Willem Lourens


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We are a tight-knit group of photographers specializing in food photography in the Cape Town area.
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