As Summer Fades to Winter

Rooi Rose June Issue

The June issue of Rooi Rose is now out and as Summer fades to Winter, the days become shorter and recipes become heartier and more wholesome. Inside this issue you can find real food for the soul and food stylist Vickie de Beer and photographer Lee Malan really know how to dish it up.

Versamel Resepte

The Winter Versamel Resepte food shoot took place in a beautiful home in Somerset West in April earlier this year. Golden light filtered in through the large windows catching the elegant chandeliers and reflecting sparks of sunshine onto the inviting, luxurious white couches. There wasn’t any time for rest though and it wasn’t long until Vickie, Lee and their assistants Margie and Daniela had swept in and taken over the cosy wintry scene.

The couch buried beneath clothing changes. Photo: Daniela Zondagh

The white couch was soon buried beneath an array of potential clothing changes for infamous hand model Margie and mouthwatering aromas billowed around the kitchen next door, creating a cloud of heavenly delight reaching right up to the high ceiling.

Vickie and Margie get down to business in the kitchen. Photo: Daniela Zondagh

The kitchen, chosen by Vickie, suited the shoot perfectly as all the textures she was looking for were already there and the tables were conveniently placed so as to make the most of the light. It was, however, a difficult day for shooting as the sun kept hiding behind the smattering of clouds in the sky and then reappearing in a burst of direct light. As a photographer, when shooting in Autumn, you have to work quicker as the daylight hours begin shortening and so lessen the time you have in which to shoot.

Emma licking the garlic off her lips. Photo: Daniela Zondagh

Everything turned out successfully and everyone involved had a great time, even including the home owners’ dog, Emma, who thoroughly enjoyed observing the shoot and snatching whole roasted garlic cloves out the bin. Look out for Lee’s next Versamel Respete shoot coming out in the July issue of Rooi Rose!

You can check out more behind the scenes pics from this shoot on our Facebook page.


About Flat Art Studios

We are a tight-knit group of photographers specializing in food photography in the Cape Town area.
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