Opening Our Doors

This month’s featured photographer, Lee Malan, recounts her past 4 years spent at Flat Art Studios, how we have grown into the company we are today by opening our doors to others.

Lee Malan

I remember when I first became a member of the gang – The Flat Art Gang. This was at the end of 2007 and at the time it consisted only of 2 members – Dawie Verwey the founder and owner and his trusted and talented sidekick Michael le Grange. After only a year and a half Dawie decided to go and find some creative inspiration in London, leaving Michael and I to hold down the fort. Dawie, however, for whom the present is more like the past, always one step ahead of us with plans for the future, left us with a lovely surprise, that our little gang would be growing!

We opened our door and in stepped Donna Lewis, or rather in flew Donna Lewis, full of energy, enthusiasm and zest for life. I must admit it was such a refreshing change having another girl on the team and as you guys know, Donna always provides comic relief at just the right moments.

After almost a year of working and living in London, Dawie returned inspired and our gang was back to 3 + 1. Business suddenly boomed and our need for assistants expanded all round. People, mostly students, came through our doors and left the same way, but for one of them the door closed permanently behind him. Enter Willem Lourens: very enthusiastic, hardworking and downright pleasant guy. Our little gang of 4 grew to 5!

It seemed the more we grew the busier we became. I started shooting at the end of last year and this meant we rapidly needed more hands to take over the admin side and even more assistants, something we can never seem to have enough of, to help on shoots. The friendly and very talented writer, Camilla Marsh joined us in January this year and is handling all the social media and office running.

5 went to 6 in almost under a year! This was amazing progress and very exciting. But we were not done there, we pushed on to 7! Kirk van Rooi, music lover, photography lover and ever helpful assistant joined the team, a new member to open the door for others.

I am very proud to say that I am one of the oldies in the gang and have had the privilege to see the gang grow into what it is today. Who knows who will ring our doorbell next!


About Flat Art Studios

We are a tight-knit group of photographers specializing in food photography in the Cape Town area.
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