Blue Sky Thinking

Blue sky thinking –  to think creatively, unimpeded by orthodox or conventional constraints. This must have been the method of thought Johan and Gardiol Bergenthuin were using when they decided to paint their Gordon’s Bay home entirely in Azul Colonial Blue. A melding of sea and sky, Flat Art photographer Dawie Verwey and assistant Kirk van Rooi were sent into the blue to catch the transformation on camera.

Johan Bergenthuin stands outside the Blue House. Photo: Dawie Verwey

Previous photos Dawie shot before it became the Blue House

This isn’t the first time Dawie has shot the Blue House for VISI Magazine (back then it wasn’t blue) but on this occasion he was asked to video the behind the scenes as well. “I wanted to shoot it on my iPhone, the quality is just as good as a handycam. It’s amazing how far technology has evolved that a cellphone can perform just as well as a specialized piece of equipment.” He relented though and handed the handycam to Kirk as he got to work shooting the stills and using his iPhone only to make and receive calls.

First time videographer, Kirk’s instructions – shoot the blue, shoot the view and don’t shake the camera. This didn’t help his nerves much knowing that his debut video would be pasted on the Visi website for the whole world to see. He managed ok though and his first timer camera shake only gave Dawie a few hours worth, well closer on half a day, of editing to do.

A bedroom in the Blue House. Photo: Dawie Verwey

The biggest challenge of the shoot was the very appeal of the Mexican blue made famous by Frida’s Khalo’s house- it changes colour depending on the light and after spending so much time enveloped in its never-ending expanse it’s even more difficult to tell the slightest change in shade. Kirk, not being used to the bold colour and having grown up in a pink bedroom (he claims it’s a remnant from his sister’s time using the room) also struggled with the endless azure and ended up forgetting the camera charger, his earphones and his keys in the deep dark depths when they left.

The Blue House's view. Photo: Dawie Verwey

Overall the shoot went well with the house owners and VISI editor Sumien Brink in attendance the whole way through. Dawie really enjoyed the creative environment this created and with the fitting song “Blue Skies” by Helmut Meijer as the soundtrack to the video, managed to channel this energy into a very moving piece. Having just completed a video for a client and in the process of shooting one for a local NGO, Dawie is working more and more in the video field. Look out for future videos to join his burgeoning photography portfolio.

To read the full story get your copy of VISI 56 on sale now and also see more behind the scenes pics on our Facebook page!


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