In Character

Charmaine Meintjies is known as the loving, caring and vivacious mother and coffee shop owner on 7de Laan. When actress, Vinette Ebrahim, walked into Flat Art’s studio for her Lig September profile shoot, photographer Donna Lewis and assistant Kirk van Rooi were met with a generous, warm hug, a greeting not unlike one her popular character would have given.

Vinette and her two grandchildren. Photo: Donna Lewis

The shoot had to take place somewhere quiet and private, away from Vinette’s adoring fans and so our studio was the perfect location. Lig Art Director, Tenille Swanepoel, arrived, laden with bright plastic balls, bubble wands, miniature tea sets and children’s dvds stored on her laptop. Unfortunately for Donna and Kirk, this wasn’t for them to play with but rather to keep Vinette’s grandchildren who were joining the shoot entertained.

Tenille is eyed out. Photo: Donna Lewis

Vinette’s youngest grandchild, Aidan, was in a different world and struggled to focus on anything that wasn’t pink and fluffy or floating through the air about her head. True to her character though, Vinette didn’t take any nonsense and managed to keep her under control, or as much as is possible with a distracted two-year old.

Aidan plays in her own world. Photo: Donna Lewis

Having the right equipment helped Donna to quickly catch the rare moments when Aidan was looking at the camera. She used two lights to light the background, a main light on the left and a fill on the right.

This isn’t the first time Donna has shot a celebrity. Previous Lig shoots have placed Mannetjies Roux and Peter de Villiers in her repertoire. Kirk, however, was in awe, with Herman Lensing being the only other celebrity he’s ever seen in the flesh.

Look out for the full story in Lig September issue and find more behind the scenes pics on our Facebook page!


About Flat Art Studios

We are a tight-knit group of photographers specializing in food photography in the Cape Town area.
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