Out The Bottle

Set in the exquisite surrounds of the Franschhoek Wine Valley, famed proprietor of Haute Cabriere, Achim von Arnim, gives photographer Michael Le Grange and assistant Willem Lourens a taste of decadent winemaking history.

Haute Cabriere proprietor Achim von Arnim. Photo: Michael Le Grange

Featured in this month’s issue of Taste Magazine is a spread on Achim von Arnim’s novel approach to wine. For him “sun, soil, vine, man” is the true process whereby the prized liquid is formed with emphasis on the role of nature. The wine farm was first planted by Pierre Jourdan in 1694 and was bought by Achim almost 300 years later in 1982. Today it consists of two wine farms offering visitors an evocative experience of more than what is trapped inside the bottle.

The underground Haute Cabriere Cellar. Photo: Michael Le Grange

Upon arrival for the shoot, Achim’s characteristic personality and vivacity transcends the walls and high ceiling of his cellar as he gives Michael and Taste Magazine stylist Julia Fraser a tour. Meanwhile, unknowingly uninvited, Willem guards the equipment in the bakkie safely out of the pouring rain. An hour later the tour concludes and the shoot is ready to begin.


The behind the scenes video was a challenge to shoot with the loud noise of forklifts and general machinery outside together with the fluorescent lights and reflective wine bottles. Michael and Willem managed well despite of this and worked together as an efficient team of two.

Interspersed by spoken snippets of war time stories and eventful tales of his life, Achim turned the shoot into a full-bodied narrative encapsulating not just the wine but also the history and experiences around it.

To read the full article make sure to buy this month’s issue of Taste Magazine!

Haute Cabriere Unwooded Pinot Noire. Photo: Michael Le Grange

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