Sound Bar None

Featured photographer for the month of November, Michael Le Grange, takes us through the high notes of music as a muse for creativity in our everyday lives and as a stimulus for photography.


I was really surprised, when on a shoot the other day, one of our very special clients asked me if I didn’t have some Dubstep to play. It was actually quite incidental as I, myself, had only by chance discovered the genre the other night. I had been on my way somewhere and had popped one of several unlabeled disks into my car’s player. Raw, intoxicating base lines filled the car through the speakers and I absolutely loved it. At that moment, and in that space, it was perfect. On further enquiry with my client, I discovered that her teenage son had introduced her to Dubstep.

Music – we all love it, I am sure of it. Whether it be Dubstep, Classical, Pop, Rock, World Beats or whatever other hundreds of genres there are. It is such a big part of our lives and as a creative, it plays a central role in my work. I cannot imagine a world without music.
It surely comes from a very deep place. I have often wondered if I had to choose a piece of music as a last request what it would be, and I still have the same answer. It will have to be classical and to be specific, Lecuona’s Malagueña performed by the London Promenade Orchestra. I was lucky to have grown up with classical music and have developed a real affinity to it. I think my mom used to woo her womb with classical music when I was residing inside. Thanks mom.

Another creative space where music plays an integral part in forming a captivating experience is in the movies. The type, the placement and even the absence all add (or in some cases not) to the emotion we experience. For example the opening piece, Misirlou, in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. As Tarantino describes, the reasoning in using this piece of music is that: we are big, and this is emulated by the music which creates this epic anticipation that the movie now has to live up to. Well I cannot quote him exactly as the tape that I used to have was eaten by an ex car’s tape deck.

As photographers we have to evolve in an ever-changing environment and find new ways of adding value to what we offer our clients. This can be done by constantly stimulating our own creativity or by expanding our skills such as starting to shoot moving images. Music can play a major role in this. It is really exciting to learn and start experimenting with how the visceral of sound and music, or lack there of, can be used creatively to produce a captivating experience for ourselves as well as for our clients.

Word up South London.

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