All That Glitters Is Gold

Shopping centres are fast being filled like bulging Christmas stockings with tinsel, baubles and sparkling fairy lights; the festive season’s early arrival cannot be missed! Today the December issue of Sarie is being added to the stocking and under its wrapping, between its glossy pages, can be found the Christmas Food Shoot with Food Editor Herman Lensing and Photographer Donna Lewis. Here’s what happened behind the scenes.

With a twinkle in his eye Herman got to work creating the magic we have all become so accustomed to. This time he had a whole team of elves helping him: 8 models, 2 food assistants, 2 photographic assistants, a photographer and 2 little girls all there to turn the function room at Dear Me into a contemporary setting for a joyous Christmas feast.

Everyone helps set the scene for the Christmas feast.

If Donna could use only one word to describe the day it would be “chaos” but organized chaos at that! “Herman is amazing at directing people and bringing everything together,” she says. The Christmas tree may have been rigged to the staircase using cable ties, red and white string and a C stand and the chicken may have been gleefully left overnight in an oven that wasn’t on but it all came together.

Straight Christmas tree - check!

The boys get ready for their shoot

The models were shot separately. The males had their chance to shine under the twinkle of the Christmas tree while the females had their hair and make up done and the little girls had a great time celebrating Christmas early this year. They were given a beautiful pile of painstakingly wrapped presents to open which were joyously turned into a mess of brightly coloured shreds within mere seconds. Even the disappointment of finding empty CD player boxes and the box for Herman’s recently acquired blender inside did nothing to dampen their spirits.

Present time!

The feel of the shoot was very fresh and modern and Donna wanted that to come through in the photographs. She used a Canon 5D Mark II with a 35mm lens for the wide shots, 90mm Shift Tilt for the food and 50mm 1.4F for the details. Two Bowens lights were used to give a crisp feel to the lighting. One was fitted with a softbox and the other with a white umbrella. The main light source came from a wall with large windows while a flash was used to fill in and freeze movement.

In between lighting sparklers, opening presents, making a ruckus and being told to quieten¬†down by the owners of Dear Me; there wasn’t time to shoot (or eat!) the food so it was shot in studio later in the week. The shoot went very well, everyone had a great time and if only for a day, all that glittered was gold.

Check out more behind the scenes pics on Flat Art Studios Facebook Page!

Behind the scenes photographs by Willem Lourens and Daniela Zondagh
Food Photographs by Donna Lewis


About Flat Art Studios

We are a tight-knit group of photographers specializing in food photography in the Cape Town area.
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