Spice Up The Soul Gallery

Below is a gallery of photographs taken by Daniela Zondagh on her trip around India. For the full story see our previous post, “Spice Up The Soul”.

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Spice Up The Soul

Our beloved photographer assistant, Daniela Zondagh, is back from her one month trip around India. There was very little chance (none actually) that the Flat Art Studios team was to forgive her temporary abandonment of us without her giving a detailed account of the adventure accompanied by the beautiful photographs we knew she’d take. Here’s her story. 

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Christmas with Luke Dale-Roberts

Check out our behind the scenes video of Christmas dinner with Eat Out Chef of the Year 2011 – Luke Dale-Roberts and his family. For the full story and more of Michael Le Grange’s pics get your hands on Taste Magazine hitting stands today!

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Where to Eat Out

The winners of the 2011 Eat Out Awards were announced yesterday and Flat Art Studios has the scoop (and pics of course!) on winning chef, Luke Dale-Roberts. In this week’s post we showcase the work photographer Michael Le Grange has done with him. 

Luke Dale-Roberts. Photo: Michael Le Grange

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All That Glitters Is Gold

Shopping centres are fast being filled like bulging Christmas stockings with tinsel, baubles and sparkling fairy lights; the festive season’s early arrival cannot be missed! Today the December issue of Sarie is being added to the stocking and under its wrapping, between its glossy pages, can be found the Christmas Food Shoot with Food Editor Herman Lensing and Photographer Donna Lewis. Here’s what happened behind the scenes.

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Connecting Dots

The New South Africa – a chrysalis land of new hopes and reformed dreams, a land premised not only on what could happen but rather on what is happening and the action being taken now to get it done. But 16 years on and we must ask ourselves what change has been achieved and what has been left at the wayside. In this short film Director, Wim Steytler and Director of Photography, Dawie Verwey, explore what is occurring at the base level – the education sector – and promote the need for charities and communities to band together to bring about change at an accelerated  rate.

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Sound Bar None

Featured photographer for the month of November, Michael Le Grange, takes us through the high notes of music as a muse for creativity in our everyday lives and as a stimulus for photography.

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